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Are there some occasions where you find it hard to say what you want or don't want, or perhaps someone who you feel you have to say 'yes' to anything they ask you for? Maybe you feel that it is easier to let someone else make the decisions as what you decide will always be wrong in their eyes- but underneath you feel resentful, and perhaps disappointed in yourself ?

Assertive skills are exactly that, skills that you have in many situations and can learn to use in situations where you find it difficult. The basic premise of assertiveness is Respect : respect for the other person, and respect for yourself. Each person has a right to their own feelings, thoughts and actions, even when you disagree, and you have the same rights too.

Hypnotherapy can help you become more assertive when you want to be by:

- helping you realise what you do when you are being assertive, and transferring those feelings and skills into other situations.
- rehearsing confrontational situations and developing different ways of dealing with them.
- by helping you increase your self-confidence and self-belief at an unconscious level as well as consciously.
- by enabling you to relax before any situation you find hard.

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