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When you are bereaved, a natural process of grief is set in motion. You have to deal with the pain and shock of loss. If you've never experienced it before, the depth of this pain can itself shock and surprise you, it's as if you did not know you could feel quite so deeply. At first, it seems as if you can think of nothing else. Every waking moment, and even your dreams, seems to turn upon the loss. This is the first stage of grief.

In the normal course of events, this first, intense, stage of grieving gradually gives way to a more generalized sense of sadness. You become more reflective about your relationship with the one you are grieving for. Life can still be a struggle, and you may feel low and lack motivation for anything. Your thoughts still constantly return to your loss. You may remain in this phase for a long time, but in due course it too passes.

Eventually, you find a way to accommodate your loss in your life. You still care deeply about the one who has gone, but you can continue with your own life, and feel able to find joy and pleasure in life again. When you remember the one who died, you focus more on the good times you had together.

Although it feels as if grief is something which just hits you from outside, it helps to understand that it is the loss which hits you. Grieving is what you do after the loss, in order to assimilate it and prepare yourself to go on with life. And because it is about what you do, you have some control over how you do it. When you consciously grieve, you take charge of your grief, rather than letting it have charge of you.

Hynotherapy guides you through the process of grief, removing the sense of loss from your life. This hypnosis session will change the way you sense your loss, making it almost a pleasure to look forward to the memories of what you once had.

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