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Guilt is a strong emotion with the power to limit our lives, thoughts and relationships. Dealing with guilt can be difficult as it's often a deeply entrenched pattern of behaviour, thoughts and feelings. Guilt is usually learned as a child, as a result of our parent's behaviour, our schooling or religion. The secret to dealing with guilt is to realise that was has been learned can equally be unlearned.

Guilt is a useful emotion, up to a point. Feeling guilt implies that you have a conscience, which is useful for society as the impact of your actions are considered in a wider context. Where guilt stops being useful is when you will not or cannot change your behaviour in the future.

Excessive guilt can be paralysing, using up emotional energy worrying about things you are unable to change. Guilt tricks you into having one perspective or outlook, denying you the flexibility or creativity to see things in a different, more useful way. Others may use guilt to manipulate your behaviour, or lessen your self-esteem. Hypnosis can break you free from those constraints, by opening your mind to different ways of viewing and learning from a situation.

New mothers may feel guilt for the first time in their lives. Am I doing the best for my baby? What will people think about my choices for raising my child? These are near impossible questions to answer, and emotionally charged. Learning to deal with guilt is about learning to deal with uncertainty. Hypnosis can help you become more comfortable with uncertainty and worry less.

Hypnosis can help you in dealing with guilt, and lead a freer, more enjoyable life, no matter what happens.

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