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Virtual gastic bands have been big news in the international media:

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The HYPNO-BAND system is now used by over one hundred and seventy Licensed Practitioners in nine countries including UK, USA, Canada and Australia, and now the Czech Republic. Trials are underway, and the results so far indicate an average overall success rate of in excess of 70%, which is similar to actual gatric band surgery, and most importantly - no side effects or complications. read study

Personal recommendation by satisfied clients accounts for much of our business, and many of them have sent messages of appreciation or kindly offered to write testimonials for us to display within our practice or marketing material. It is, however, considered unethical to do so by many professional therapy organisations, including the Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, who do not allow their members to use them. In addition, the Advertising Standards Authority requires any testimonial to be verifiable, which could jeopardise the confidentiality that we extend to all our clients. We therefore do not post any such correspondence on our website.

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