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What is Psoriasis?

The top layer of skin is much thicker in psoriasis. It gets this way because the normal growth cycle of skin cells has been accelerated to 3 or 4 days, compared to 28-30 days in normal skin. Skin cells accumulate at the surface. The white, flaky build-up that sheds from the skin is actually dead skin cells. The epidermis is about twice as thick as normal in psoriasis. The bottom level of the epidermis where cells multiply is particularly active (cells are proliferating 28 times faster than normal skin). The blood vessels of the skin expand in psoriasis. There is also increased blood flow in psoriatic skin, necessary to bring nutrients to the rapidly growing skin cells. This combination leads to the redness of the psoriasis lesions. The dermis is where the inflammation originates. Immune system cells are drawn into the dermis as part of the immune response that takes place in psoriasis and these cells send inflammatory signals to the skin cells.

In a recent study of a 28 year old woman with a 22 years history of psoriasis that had failed to respond to the usual treatments and undertook a series of 8 hypnotherapy sessions.

Arms at the start of sessions

Legs at the start of sessions

Arms at the end of 8 sessions

Legs at the end of 8 sessions

Arms 18 months later

Legs 18 months later

Case study

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