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A recent European study indicated that most people, who smoke cigarettes, wish to quit the habit.

However with the increasing number of people wanting to quit smoking there is now also an increasing number of ways being offered to help them to achieve this. These include Nicotine Replacement, Acupuncture, and even Group Therapy, just to mention a few. All in all there are many different ways, both using conventional medicine and complementary therapy to help people to quit the smoking habit. One of the most successful of these is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy combined Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with is different. Nicotine addiction is not the main problem in stopping smoking. Nicotine can be out of your system in as little as three to four days, whilst other chemicals (about 4,000 in all) may take another four or five days. With this in mind, one might ask why it is that people can give up smoking for one, two or maybe three months and then drift back to cigarettes. The reason is simply that they have never overcome the Psychological habit of being a smoker. The habit is lodged in the subconscious mind so that there is a constant desire for a cigarette. It is the nagging desire that this habit creates which will gradually wear the ex-smoker down, until in a moment of stress or weakness they give in and light that first cigarette.

Hypnotherapy is designed to overcome the Psychological addiction. Hypnosis allows the habit of being a smoker to be replaced with the habit of being a non-smoker. Hypnosis will strengthen the desire and motivation of the person to stop smoking in exactly the same way that Hypnosis is used by sportspeople to increase their motivation and performance.

Why not take advantage of this to give up your Smoking habit now? Once you have made the decision, you will have already gone through the hardest part of quitting. Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful and easiest ways to give up the smoking habit.

It does not matter - how heavily you smoke, how long you have smoked, or how often you have unsuccessfully tried to stop.

It does matter - that you have a strong desire to break the habit, and that it must be your own decision to stop smoking.

Smoking cessation program

This is a highly effective four session program, and we are so confident with it that should you have not stopped smoking by the end of it - you may have up to two more free sessions over the next six weeks. The cost for the smoking cessation CBT & hypnotherapy program is now 7,000 czk (Usually 10,000 czk) paid at or before our first session. Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is easy and virtually effortless. If you smoke a pack a day, the cessation program pays for itself in less than five months and provides you with a lifetime of clear lungs and improved health.

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