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Feeling stressed is a normal human condition and can actually increase performance and motivate us to do something that we need to do, such as revise for an exam or fill in our tax forms!

When stress is ongoing it can become a huge problem for people at home, on an emotional or financial level and in the workplace having too much work to do and too little time to do it. Other factors may be; being given unachievable targets, friction with colleagues, unpleasant environments and possible threat of redundancy. Covert bullying is also a major cause of stress.

Stress can increase cortisol levels in the blood increasing the risk of heart attacks and other stress related conditions. Learning to relax and regain control in our lives is a skill that everyone should have in their daily lives to allow us to cope better when in stressful situations.

How can hypnosis help manage levels of stress?
We cannot always remove the external causes of stress, but we can use hypnosis to help us control the 'stress buttons', i.e. change our responses to stressful situations that previously would have "stressed you out", and therefore control the detrimental effect to our system. Hypnosis can help you to deal more effectively with the stress we have in our day to day lives. Hypnosis and NLP techniques along with the ability to learn self hypnosis and deep relaxation are proven to be the most effective way of dealing with stressful situations in our lives.

Gain control over your stress levels and learn to cope more effectively and positively.

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